Indianapolis Bicycle Repair & Other Services

We do all the basic bike repairs here at Circle City Bicycles, such as tune-ups, overhauls and truing wheels. Around January and February is a good time to bring in your bike and get it ready for spring riding. Usually the weather starts to improve sometime in March and we begin to get busy with repairs. We recommend bringing your bike in when the weather is bad so you can be out riding when it's nice! Our most common services are regularly priced as follows:

Flat Tires

If you need us to repair a flat tire, the charge is $10, plus the cost of a new tube ($6.95 for most brands). If you want to learn how to do it yourself, please check out this video on Repairing a Flat Tire, courtesy of the Channel Islands Bicycle Club in California. We recommend replacing the tube rather than patching it. Patching a tube is basically just a temporary repair. The tubes are pretty inexpensive, and a flat tire out on a ride is really annoying. Patching tubes will save you a few dollars, but you will be fixing flats more often. You should ask yourself if it is worth the hassle.

Truing Wheels

Our price for truing a wheel (off the bike) is $20 – $30, depending on degree of difficulty. There will be additional charges if we have to remove the cog or tire. Call us at (317)786-9244 or e-mail before you come in for more details.

Please note that not all wheels can be repaired. Properly truing a wheel not only requires eliminating wobbles when it rotates, but making sure that all spokes have approximately the same tension in them. Uneven tension may lead to spoke breakage. We’ll have to see your wheel before we can say if we can true it properly. If Dr. McCoy from Star Trek worked here, he would probably say:

“Damn it Jim, I’m a bicycle mechanic – not a miracle worker”.

Despite his talent as a bicycle mechanic, Rick may not be able to true this wheel.


We offer three types of tune-ups:

Circle City Basic Tune-Up

  • Single Speed -- $59.95
  • Multi-Speed -- $69.95
  • Tandem -- $89.95

Includes the following:

      • Wheels laterally trued
      • Adjustment of bearings, brakes & shifters
      • Shifter and brake cables lubricated
      • Chain lubricated
      • Frame & Fork wiped down to remove major dirt
      • Tires aired to proper level

Circle City VIP Tune-Up

  • Single-Speed -- $74.95
  • Multi-Speed -- $84.95
  • Tandem -- $94.95

Includes everything in the basic tune-up plus the following:

      • Detailed cleaning of frame, fork & wheels
      • Thorough cleaning of chain, derailleurs, rear cogs & chainrings
      • Complete wheel true & tensioning


  • Single-Speed -- $139.95
  • Multi-Speed -- $149.95
  • Tandem -- $169.95

Includes everything in the VIP tune-up plus:

        • Complete dismantling of hubs, crank & fork
        • All bearings replaced (sealed bearings excluded)
        • All brake & gear wires replaced

    Bicycle Maintenance Classes

      If you want to learn about bicycle maintenance, Circle City Bicycles offers bicycle maintenance classes. Typically we offer five classes each year. Four in January and February, and one in late October or early November. In each class, you will work on your own bike and learn how to give it a tune-up. For more information, please visit our bicycle maintenance class page.
      Circle City Bicycles Manager Bill Hannah teaches most of our bike maintenance classes
      Other Bicycle Repair Resources
      If you are looking for more information on bicycle repair, you may want to check out these websites:
      • Jim Langley's Wrench section: Features numerous bicycle repair articles. For those of you who are new to cycling, you may want to check out his What's On a Bicycle diagram. It shows the names of all the parts on a bike.
      • Sheldon Brown's Articles About Bicycle Repair: Sheldon Brown is a legend in the cycling world. My wife and I had the good fortune of seeing him at one of the Central Indiana Bicycling Association lectures before his untimely passing in 2008. His articles have helped countless cyclists from around the world. Some of these articles are pretty basic and some are extremely technical.
      • Bicycle Tutor: This site has lots of good videos on bike repair, but there is a charge for these.


      Sheldon Brown out for a winter ride

      Sheldon Brown started his career in the cycling business when he was in high school. He scavenged parts from the town dump, turned them into bicycles and sold them. In 1972 he was one of the founders of the Boston Bicycle Repair Collective. He later began writing about bicycle repair in cycling magazines.

      Sheldon began working for Harris Cyclery in 1990, foreseeing the power of the Internet, he convinced the store to let him set up a website in 1995. By 2007, the year before his death, the site was getting half a million visitors each month.

      Sheldon's passing on February 3, 2008 was noted in the London Times:

      "His knowledge of bicycles, from a lifetime of riding them, taking them apart, fixing and modifying them, was encyclopaedic."

      Bicycle Shipping

      Getting your bike to another place safely can be quite a hassle.  We offer options to help ship your bike or to take it along on a vacation.  

      • Cardboard Box -- FREE!
      • We Pack It in a Carboard Box -- $35
      • Hard Case Rental -- $50 per week
      • Hard Case Purchase -- $300

      If you are from out of state and want to ship your bike, please contact us about shipping your bicycle to our store. We can receive the bike, do any necessary re-assembly, even tune it up if you want. We'll your bike ready to ride when you get here. Here are a few major Indiana rides you might want to try:

      For other rides in the Hoosier state, please visit Bike Rides in Indiana

      Other Services

      We don't do any part fabricating or painting, however we can do just about anything else.  Got a problem with your bike? Give us a call and we'll fix it or help find someone to fix it for you.

      Bicycle Assembly (Purchased elsewhere) $75
      Box Bicycle for Shipping $45
      Brake Adjustment $10
      Brake Install $15
      Lever Install $15
      Disc Brake Bleed $15
      Coaster Brake Overhaul $35
      Derailleur Adjustment $15
      Derailleur Install $25
      Align Derailleur Hanger $10
      Shifter Install $20
      Spoke Replacement (Front) $20
      Spoke Replacement (Rear) $25
      Build Wheel $35
      Bottom Bracket Install $20
      Bottom Bracket Install (BMX) Mid or Spanish $35
      Headset Replacement $20
      Chain Install $10
      Chain Repair $15
      Tri Bar Install $20
      Tape Handlebars $10
      Handlebar Install $15
      Fork Install $35
      Clean Drivetrain $45
      Clean Disc Brake System $25
      Chase Stripped Bottom Bracket Threads $20
      Computer Install $10
      Tube Replacement $10
      Hub Overhaul $20