Downtown Indianapolis Bike Rental Locations

You have some options if you want to rent a bicycle in the downtown area of Indianapolis. Your options include the following:

Indiana Pacers Bikeshare

The Bikeshare program is  a little bit complicated. It is designed for short (less than 30 minutes) trips rather than an all day rental. Before you can rent a bike, you need to purchase either a 24-hour pass or an annual pass (2014 prices are $8 for 24 hours or $80 for a year). You can do this online (at or at any of the bicycle kiosks. Once you have a pass, you can check out a bike at any kiosk for no charge. If you return it to any kiosk within 30 minutes, there is no additional charge. If you keep it out longer than 30 minutes, the first additional half hour costs two dollars. Each additional after that costs four dollars. The maximum charge per calendar day is 75 dollars. If you keep if longer than 24 hours it is considered stolen. You can do multiple rentals at no additional charge as long as you keep each one under 30 minutes. Before you rent one of these bikes, be sure to check out all the fine print in the Bikeshare user agreement. Some of the items that are in there include:

  • You are the only rider - You can't loan it out to anyone else.
  • You are at least 18 and know how to ride a bike.
  • You cannot take it outside of Marion county.
  • You won't use it for racing, off-road riding or performing stunts.
  • You will keep the bike locked when unattended.

Click here for a map which shows all of the locations. The program has a total of 250 bikes at 25 locations. You can find bike rental kiosks near these popular downtown sites:

  • Bankers Life Fieldhouse
  • Monument Circle
  • Circle Center Mall
  • Indiana Convention Center
  • Victory Field
  • Indiana State Museum
  • Eiteljorg Museum
  • NCAA Hall of Champions
  • Marion County Library
  • Old National Centre
  • City Market

Wheel Fun Rentals

Wheel Fun rents bicycles and other pedal-powered vehicles. It is located at White River State Park. You can rent by the hour / half day / full day a cruiser ($8 / $20 / $25) or hybrid ($10 / $20 / $25). Other vehicles are available only by the hour. These include:

  • Tandem bicycle ($12 per hour)
  • Chopper - These are three wheelers with the front wheel way out front ($10 per hour)
  • Quad Sport - A four wheeled bike ($10 per hour)
  • Deuce Coupe - A chopper for two with a covered top ($20 per hour)
  • Surrey - A four wheeled vehicle with a covered top ($20 per hour)
  • Double Surrey - A larger version of the surrey ($30 per hour)

The HandleBar

The HandleBar is a 16 person, pedal-powered mobile bar.You can rent it, plus the driver for two hours. The driver steers & brakes, but you have to provide the power by pedaling. Cost for a two hour rental is $400 on a Friday or Saturday. It's only $300 the rest of the week. You need to bring along your own beer or wine. No hard liquor or mixed drinks are allowed. Here's a video that shows the HandleBar in action.

Other items to keep in mind with the HandleBar:

  • Riders must be at least 18 years old, and anyone drinking must be at least 21 years old.
  • If you want music, there is a stereo on board. You can hook up your ipod or iphone, or listen to the radio.
  • A total of 16 passengers besides the driver can be accomodated. There are six bar stools on each side. Five of these have pedals for powering the vehicle. There is also a bench in the back with space for up to three people.  There is a spot in the middle of the HandleBar for your group's bartender.
  • Pedalers need to be at least 5' 3" tall and weigh less than 300 pounds. Those who don't meet those requirements can sit on the bench or on one of the non-pedaling bar stools on the sides.
  • The driver (also known as the "Bar Handler") is in charge. If you don't behave, the driver will ask you to get off and walk home.
  • The HandleBar operates from the middle of March to the middle of middle of November.
  • The HandleBar operates rain or shine. Once a tour starts, there are no refunds..
  • Sandals are not recommended if you are going to be pedaling.
  • Maximum speed is a blistering five miles per hour.

I have never been on the HandleBar, but it got a lot of five star reviews on Yelp. Here are a few of the comments:

  • What a FUN time!
  • Make sure to take your friends that are going to pedal!
  • Make sure your iPhone or cell as some good music on it so you can connect it to the bar.
  • This is a great way to start a night.
  • You will have a great time.
  • Pick your friends wisely. We had one guy that refused to pedal. We were making jokes about it to keep the mood light, but some of us were really getting pissed at him. But other than that, it was a blast.
  • Don't worry about the pedaling, there are seats that don't have to. But make sure you invite a few athletes in the group!
  • I recommend for friend or family parties, drink-friendly work functions, and other events that bring everyone together for common goals: bike drinking!
  • The driver was great.
  • If you can be at a bar without alcohol and have the time of your life - you know it's one helluva bar. As is the case with The Handle Bar. I experienced this exciting new addition to the Indy drinking scene (on wheels) during my month of zero booze.
  • Even though it was raining the whole time, we had a blast.
  • I have done this three times now with very different groups and each time is a blast! Everyone steps off the bike after the two hour excursion saying "Woah, that was fun!"
  • I didn't pedal (too short and too lazy) but it was a lot of fun to ride (on the back and the side).

The Pickled Pedaler

It looks like the HandleBar now has some competition. This upstart on Indy's cycling bar scene is the Pickled Pedaler. It is very similar to the HandleBar, except that it has an electric motor to provide a boost when needed (Like on the return trip after everybody has had several beers). You can also get some food (salads, breadsticks, pizzas) with the tour package. 

There weren't a lot of reviews on Yelp when I checked, but they were all 5 stars. Here are a few quotes from the Yelp reviews:

  • Awesome time all 5 times I have been on the Pickled Pedaler!
  • Dan was our driver and did a great job taking us on a tour of the city!
  • It was an absolute blast!
  • This ride FEATURES A MOTOR on board. Ever tried to ride a giant bike drunk?

For publicity, I think the Pickled Pedaler should challenge the Handlebar to a drag race. Of course, there would need to be a referee to make sure the Pickled Pedaler does not cheat and use its electric motor during the race.