Circle City Bicycles "Back on the Bike" Program

Enjoying a bike ride on a beautiful day (Photo courtesy of Johnny's Guide to San Francisco for Cheapskates)

Most kids in America learn to ride a bicycle when they are young. Unfortunately, as they get older, they tend to lose interest in cycling. This is particularly true when they reach 16 and get their driver's license. Considering that many Americans young and old struggle to maintain a healthy weight, this is truly unfortunate.

Cycling is an activity that can be enjoyed by people as young as three or as old as a hundred (If you don't believe anyone over a hundred can ride a bike, check out the story of Robert Marchand). Unlike running, there is no pounding on the joints when cycling. Unlike golf, you don't have to pay hefty green fees each time you go riding. Cycling can also be very practical, like getting a college student from one class to another, or bringing home groceries from the local market. Perhaps the best thing about cycling is that it's fun! I had a friend who said he would start running when he saw a jogger smile. Look at the bikers in the photo above - They're all smiling!

Circle City Bicycles wants to get people of all ages back into bicycling, but especially young people. Therefore we're launching our "Back on the Bike" program. We're willing to help any school in central Indiana (Especially Perry Township in Indianapolis, where our store is located) establish a cycling club. These clubs are not envisioned to be racing clubs (Although some members might get into racing), but ones that are open to participants of all abilities. If your school or non-profit group (Scouts, church group, whatever) would like our help getting a cycling club started, here's some of the things we can help with:

  • Assistance in planning bicycle routes
  • Tips on leading a ride.
  • Free bicycle inspections - We want to make sure that everyone has a bike with working brakes, gears shift properly, and sufficient air in their tires
  • Teach basic bike maintenance, like how to fix a flat tire or clean your chain.
  • Give talks on more advanced cycling topics, like getting into bicycle racing or how to start bicycle touring
  • Offer discounts on bicycle helmets - We want everyone to stay safe.

We're Here and Ready to Help

For assistance in starting a bike club at your school or other group, stop in at our store or call us at 317-786-9244 and ask for Sylva or Mark.