Bicycle Touring Indiana

This page is dedicated to bicycle touring in Indiana, where Circle City Bicycles is located. Indiana entered the Union in 1816 as the nineteenth state. In honor of its centennial year, Richard Lieber founded the state park system in 1916. For Indiana's bicentennial year, we are in the process of creating a bicycle route that will including some of Indiana's finest parks (several created by Richard Lieber). In honor of the creator of the state park system, we have named it the "Lieber Loop." The route will link up:

  1. McCormick's Creek State Park
  2. Lieber State Recreation Area
  3. Turkey Run State Park
  4. Prophetstown State Park
  5. Miami State Recreation Area
  6. Ouabache State Park
  7. Summit Lake State Park
  8. Whitewater Memorial State Park
  9. Versailles State Park
  10. Clifty Falls State Park
  11. Spring Mill State Park
  12. Brown County State Park

Section 1 - McCormick's Creek State Park to Lieber State Recreation Area


This stage is hilly but fairly short, so consider taking the sidetrip to Cataract Falls. For breakfast, you can eat at the McCormick's Creek Inn or head to Chamber's Smorgasbord in Spencer. The next available food is at the Cataract General Store (Closed Monday & Tuesday), but it is limited. For dinner, I recommend the Cataract Lake Lodge (Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner), which is about three miles back from Lieber SRA. There is a camp store at Lieber, but selection may be limited.

Exit McCormick's Creek State Park. After passing the gatehouse, you will come to Indiana 46.

0.0 Right onto IN 46

0.0 Immediate left onto River Road

2.2 Right onto Pottersville Road (This will become Main Street in the town of Spencer)

2.6 Sidetrip: By turning left onto Wayne Street, you can make a short trip to Riverside Cemetery. There you can find the grave of Bancroft "Ban" Johnson, founder and first president of Major League Baseball's American League. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1937.

2.7 Food: By turning left onto Market Street, you can reach Chamber's Smorgasbord in less than a block. If you stop in, be sure to have some of their fried biscuits and apple butter.

2.9 Attraction: On your right is the Owen County Courthouse. In the northwest corner of the grounds is a statue called "Spirit of the American Doughboy." Over 100 copies of this statue to World War I veterans are scattered across the country. It was designed by Spencer native E. M. Viquesney.

3.1 Left at T onto Hillside Avenue.

3.2 Right onto West Street (Becomes Rocky Hill Road outside of Spencer)

10.7 Continue straight onto US 231. Traffic is a little heavy, but the lanes are wide and there is a small shoulder on the road. You will only be on the highway for 2 miles.

12.7 Left onto Cataract Road.

15.3 Right, staying on Cataract Road

15.6 Right, staying on Cataract Road

16.7 Food: On the right is Cataract General Store

16.7 Sidetrip: To visit Cataract Falls State Recreation Area, continue straight (north) on Cataract Road. The Falls will be 0.4 miles up the road on your left

16.7 Left onto Cunot - Cataract Road

21.4 Right onto IN 42 (unmarked)

22.7 Food: On the left is Cataract Lake Lodge.

22.9 Left onto IN 243

25.3 Left into Lieber State Recreation Area


Ban Johnson's grave in Spencer's Riverside Cemetery


Spirit of the American Doughboy by Spencer's own E. M. Viquesney


Cataract General Store


 Cataract Falls

Section 2 - Lieber State Recreation Area to Turkey Run State Park


This stage is about 50 miles and moderately hilly. Food is sparse until get near the end of the ride. You'll need to cook breakfast in camp. You find any place for lunch until you get to Rockville (about 40 miles), unless you take the side trip into Greencastle, which adds 8.6 miles to the route. For dinner you can eat at the inn in Turkey Run State Park or backtrack 3.9 miles on the route to Under The Arch in Marshall.


0.0 Exit Lieber State Recreation Area. Turn left onto IN 243

1.6 Left onto  1050S (unmarked)

2.6 On the left is Blackhawk Campground

3.3 Left onto 300W

3.5 Right onto 1075S

6.0 Right onto 575W

6.2 Cross over I-74

6.9 Right onto 575W

7.9 Left onto 950S

9.1 Straight at stop sign

10.1 Straight across US 40

11.1 Right onto 650W

13.0 Right at T onto 500S

13.2 Left at T onto 600W

14.7 Right onto 550W

17.6 Left onto 125S

17.6 Food: There are numerous food options in Greencastle, which is off the route a bit. One popular lunch spot is Myer's Market, (Open for lunch every day except Sunday) which is a butcher shop as well as a deli. To get there. turn right instead of left onto 125S (Becomes Walnut Street in Greencastle). Go 4.2 miles and turn left onto Spring Street. Go one block to Myer's Market which is at the corner of Spring and Washington Streets.

20.2 Left onto 725W

22.0 Straight at stop sign - Road becomes 720S

24.9 Right onto 720S (You will immediately cross a bridge)

25.1 Right onto 1000E

28.5 Left onto Ferndale Road

31.9 Right at T onto IN 59

32.1 Left onto New Discovery Road

37.7 Left to stay on New Discovery Road

38.2 Right at T onto Bridgeton Road

39.7 Left onto High Street in Rockville

39.7 Food: On the east side of the courthouse square is the Jailhouse Cafe. Northeast of the square is Thirty - Six Saloon.

39.9 Attraction: On the right is the Parke County Courthouse

39.9 Right onto Market Street

40.0 Cross US 36 (Ohio Street)

40.1 Right onto Howard Street

40.3 Left onto Erie Street

40.6 Right onto Stark Street (Becomes Marshall Road after leaving Rockville)

45.8 Right at T onto 450N

45.9 Left onto Marshall Road

46.9 Attraction: In the center of the town of Marshall, you will find the Marshall Arch.

46.9 Food: Nearby, there is a restaurant called "Under the Arch."

49.3 Left onto IN 47

50.1 The entrance to Turkey Run State Park is on your right. If you are camping, continue straight.

50.8 Right into the Turkey Run State Park campground

Marshall Arch

The Under the Arch restaurant in Marshall


Section 3 - Turkey Run State Park to Prophetstown State Park


This stage


0.0 Exit Turkey Run State Park campground. Turn left onto IN 47

1.5 Left into Narrows Road

6.1 Right onto 1200N

8.1 Left onto 500E

10.0 Straight across IN 234. Road becomes IN 341

11.3 Right onto Lutheran Church Road in Wallace

16.3 Left at T onto 825W and enter the town of Alamo

16.2 Right onto Walnut Street

16.4 Right onto Monroe Street

18.2 Attraction: On the left is the Stonebraker Cemetery. Here George Fruits is buried. He was the last surviving Revolutionary War soldier when he passed away at the age of 114 in 1876.

18.5 Left at T onto 600W

19.9 Right onto Fall Creek Road

22.9 Right at T onto IN 32

23.3 Left onto 400W

24.4 Right onto 400W

28.0 Left at T onto Old SR 55

28.2 Cross over I-74

28.7 Veer right, staying on 400W

35.0 Enter New Richmond

35.3 Near the main intersection, you can find the Hickory Cafe.

36.6 Left to stay on 400W

39.6 Cross IN-28

42.6 Left at T onto 800S

45.5 Right onto 700W

48.6 On the right is Eddie Joe's Icehouse in West Point

48.8 Right at T onto IN-25

48.9 Veer left (Not the sharp left!) onto 700W

52.6 Cross the Wabash River

52.9 Right at T onto Division Road

55.4 Left onto Division Road

56.5 Left onto 350W

58.3 Right at T onto IN-26

58.6 Left onto Klondike Road

61.7 Veer right. This becomes Taft Road

62.4 Right onto 500N

66.6 Left at T onto River Road

68.0 Right onto Burnett Road

68.4 Right at T onto 9th Street Road

68.8 Left onto Swisher Road (unmarked, but you will see signs for Prophetstown State Park)

69.4 Cross over I-65

71.4 Enter Prophetstown State Park.


George Fruits fought in the Revolution and lived to see the nation's centennial


Section 4 - Prophetstown State Park to Miami State Recreation Area



0.0 Exit Prophetstown State Park

3.3 Right at T onto Ninth Street Road

5.4 On the left is Tippecanoe Battlefield Park. At this location on November 7, 1811, the Battle of Tippecanoe was fought.

5.8 At the main intersection in the town of Battle Ground, veer right. You should cross the railroad tracks and be heading northeast on Tecumseh / Main Street. This will become Pretty Prairie Road.

10.3 Cross over the Tippecanoe River

10.6 Left onto Grant Road

11.6 Stay on Grant Road, which becomes 1200W.

12.6 Right onto Bicycle Bridge Road (I couldn't find any information regarding the origin of this road's name)

16.1 Cross the Wabash River

16.5 Cross US 421

16.9 The Carroll County Courthouse is on the right

17.1 Left at T onto Wilson Street, which becomes Carrolton Road, then 700W, then Towpath Road

21.5 Cross the Wabash River

21.9 Right onto Towpath Road

25.1 Left onto Towpath Road in Lockport

28.1 Left onto 800W

28.3 Right onto Lockport Road

29.7 Right onto 150S

30.2 Cross the Wabash River

30.3 Left at T onto South River Road

31.3 Left onto South River Road

37.4 Left onto Cicott Street in Logansport

37.6 Right onto Wabash Avenue

37.9 Right onto Market Street

38.5 Left onto 6th Street

38.8 Right onto Race Street

39.1 Take the right fork as you enter Riverside Park

39.2 To the left is a building which contains a Dentzl Carousel. These were the highest quality carousels, and only a few are still in existence. This one has been restored to its past glory.

39.5 Right at T onto 15th Street

39.6 Left onto High Street, which becomes Division Road

44.5 Left at T onto 600E

45.1 Right onto 100N

48.9 Right onto 1000E

49.9 Left onto Division Road in New Waverly

51.9 Right onto 100N

53.9 Cross US 31

54.6 Cross US 24

55.3 Left at T onto Blair Pike Road

57.2 Left onto 10th Street

57.8 Right at T onto onto Broadway Street

57.9 The Circus City Center is on the right

58.0 The Miami County Museum is on the left

58.0 Left onto 5th Street

58.0 The Miami County Courthouse is on the right

58.1 Right onto Wabash Street

58.2 On the Right is the Breakaway Bike Shop

58.4 Right at T onto Canal Street

58.5 Left onto Broadway Street

58.6 Cross the Wabash River

58.6 Right onto Riverside Drive

58.7 Left onto Armstrong Avenue, which will become Strawtown Pike

62.7 Left onto 500S

65.6 Cross IN 19

68.4 On the right is the Jackson Country Store

68.4 Left onto 625E

68.7 Enter Miami State Recreation Area



Section 5 - Miami State Recreation Area to Oubache State Park

0.0 Exit Miami State Recreation Area

0.3 Right at T onto 500S

1.0 Right onto 550E

2.2 Right onto Mississinewa Dam Road

3.6 Left onto 675E

4.7 Right at T onto IN-124

5.0 Enter Wabash County

5.2 Left onto 775W

6.0 Right at T onto Elliot Road

8.3 Left at T onto 550W. This becomes Mill Creek Pike, then Pike Street in Wabash

12.5 Left onto Vernon Street

13.1 Cross the Wabash River

14.4 Left onto Carroll Street

14.9 On the left is the Herrold on the Hill Bed and Breakfast

14.9 Right onto Hill Street, which will become Old 24, then Lagro Road

15.1 On the right is the Wabash County Museum and The Wabash County Courthouse

16.0 Caution! - Sharply angled railroad tracks

20.6 Right onto Buchannon Street in Lagro

20.7 Left onto Washington Street

21.0 Right onto Davis Street

21.6 Left onto Hanging Rock Road

22.4 On the left is Hanging Rock

23.1 Left onto Division Road

24.1 Right onto 600E

24.6 Left onto 50S

26.1 Right at T onto 750E

26.6 Left onto 100S

29.1 Cross IN-105

31.1 Right at T onto 600W

33.1 Left onto 300S

33.2 Cross IN-9

38.7 Cross IN-5

42.6 Cross over I-69

43.4 Cross IN-3

45.1 Right at T onto County Line / 600E

45.2 Left onto 300N

46.1 Right onto 500W

48.0 Left onto 110N

53.8 Right onto 100E (also IN-124)

54.8 Left onto Lancaster Street

56.1 Right onto Oak Street

56.2 Left onto Wabash Street

56.6 Wabash Avenue turns to the right as it comes to the Wabash River. There is a trail between the street and the river.

58.7 Left at T onto 450E

58.8 Cross Wabash River

59.9 On your right after crossing the river is a bike trail that takes you into Ouabache State Park.




Section 6 - Oubache State Park to Summit Lake State Park


0.0 Turn left onto 450E from the bike trail

0.4 Cross IN-116

2.6 Cross IN-1

3.4 Left onto 200E

7.5 Left at T onto IN-218

7.5 Right onto 200E

13.6 Right at T onto 1200S

14.5 Left onto 1150W

15.6 Cross IN-18

20.9 Left onto 1200W / 875E

22.9 Continue straight as road becomes IN-167

27.6 Enter town of Dunkirk

29.0 Right onto Eaton Pike

29.1 Enter Delaware County

30.1 Left onto 800E (Water Street)

34.3 Cross IN-67 (Walnut Street) in Albany

34.6 Cross IN-28 (State Street)

37.0 On the right is a round barn

40.1 Right at T onto 200N

40.1 Left onto 800E

42.0 Cross IN-32

43.2 Right at T onto 125S

44.8 Left at T onto 700E

51.6 Enter Henry County

52.3 Left onto Cardinal Trail

53.1 Right onto Wilbur Wright Road in Blountsville

54.8 Right onto 700N

56.9 Left at T onto 500E

57.9 Right onto 600N

58.7 Right at T onto Messick Road and enter Summit Lake State Park


Section 7 - Summit Lake State Park to Versailles State Park

0.0 Exit Summit Lake State Park and head south on Messick Road

1.1 Cross US-36

4.1 Left at T onto 200N

7.3 Right onto Wilbur Wright Circle

7.6 On the right is the Wilbur Wright Birthplace

9.3 Left at T onto Central Road

10.3 Right onto 850E

10.8 Sharp turn under railroad tracks

11.3 Cross IN-38

12.4 On the right is a lighthouse. You don't see many in Indiana

12.5 Left at T onto 200S

12.6 Right onto 850E

13.7 Veer left. The road will become 900E and eventually Symonds Creek Road

16.4 Cross under I-70

19.3 Right onto Cumberland Stree. This is also US-40, the National Road

20.0 On the right is the Huddleston House

24.0 Right onto Wise Road

24.8 Left onto Sorber Road

25.8 Right onto Pennville Road

26.6 Left onto Sample Road

28.9 Continue straight. The road will bend to the right and become McConaha Road

29.3 Left onto Colvin Road which will become Willow Grove Road

33.1 Left onto McMinn Road

33.4 Right onto Main Street (US-40) in Cambridge City

33.9 Right onto Morton Avenue, which will become Centerville Road

40.4 Right at T onto Abington Pike

40.5 Left onto Potter Shop Road

40.6 Cross East Fork of the Whitewater River

40.8 Right onto River Road which will become Patterson Road

42.7 Veer right, staying on Patterson Road

47.4 Left at T onto Old Brownsville Road

48.3 Right on Main Street (also IN-101) in Liberty

48.5 On the left is the Union County Courthouse

50.3 Right into Whitewater Memorial State Park



Section 8 - Whitewater Memorial State Park to Versailles State Park

0.0 Exit Versailles State Park and head south (right) onto IN-101

0.5 Right onto Myers Road

2.2 Right at T onto Dunlapsville Road

3.9 Cross Brookeville Lake

 6.3 Left onto Coffman Road

6.7 Right at T onto Booth Road

8.4 Left onto 450E

10.9 Left onto Everton Road.

11.5 The road curves to the right and become Bentley Road

17.2 Right at T (unmarked)

17.4 Left onto Duck Creek Road

18.8 Veer right

20.6 Veer left after bridge

22.4 Caution! - Metal grate on bridge.

22.4 Veer right after bridge

24.9 Right onto US-52

25.5 Left onto IN-229 - Prepare for a long twisting climb

30.1 Right onto Beacon Road

31.9 Veer left, staying on Beacon Road

33.8 Left onto Harvey's Branch Road

37.3 Left onto Main Street in Oldenburg

37.5 On the left is the convent

37.5 Right onto Washington Street

37.6 Right onto Water Street

37.8 On the left is the Brau Haus

37.9 Left onto Sycamore Street (also IN-229)

40.3 Cross I-74

41.0 Left onto Boehringer

41.3 Right onto Eastern Avenue

41.7 Left onto Central Avenue

41.9 Right onto Delaware Road

45.8 Right onto 1100N

47.4 Right at T onto Salem Road, which becomes 1050N

49.2 Cross IN-229

50.7 Left onto 200W

52.7 Left at T onto IN-229

53.1 Right onto Finks Road

57.7 Right onto Fairground Road

59.0 Left onto Beech Street in Osgood

59.1 Left onto Buckeye Street

59.2 Right onto Railroad Street

61.5 Left at T onto 200N

61.6 Right onto 300W

63.6 Cross US-50

64.1 Left onto 50S

66.9 Road turns to the left and becomes Gaslight Drive

67.1 Right onto US-50

67.6 Left onto High Street

67.7 Right at Tyson Street

67.8 Courthouse

67.9 Right onto Monroe Street

68.0 Left onto Perry Street

68.7 Cross over the 1885 Busching Covered Bridge

68.8 Left at T

68.9 Enter Versailles State Park


Section 9 - Versailles State Park to Clifty Falls State Park

0.0 Exit Versailles State Park

0.1 Turn right and cross covered bridge

0.9 Left onto Main Street

1.0 Cross Highway U.S. 50 (unmarked)

1.7 Left onto IN 129

1.8 Right onto Benham Road

9.8 Right onto 900S

10.3 Left onto Base Road, which becomes Hicks Ridge Road, then 700E and finally Barbersville Creek Road

15.4 Right at T onto Highway IN 62 (unmarked)

18.7 Left onto Bacon Ridge Road

22.4 Caution! - Sharp Switchback

22.7 Right at T (unmarked)

22.8 Continue straight onto IN 62

25.3 Left onto Old Road 62

26.7 Left onto K Road (unmarked)

28.1 Right onto Rykers Ridge Road (unmarked)

28.8 Right onto Dugan Hollow Road, which Aulenbach Avenue

30.8 Left onto East Street (If you reach Highway US 421, you went too far)

31.2 Right onto 4th Street

31.5 Left onto West Street

31.6 Right onto Presbyterian Avenue

31.7 Left Broadway Street

31.8 Fountain

32.1 Right at T onto Vaughn Drive (If you continue straight, you'll wind up in the Ohio River)

32.2 Lanier Mansion State Historic Site

32.3 Right onto Vine Street

32.4 Left onto Second Street

33.3 Right onto Marine Street (if you continue straight, you'll enter a dead end)

33.3 Left at T onto Main Street

34.0 Right into Clifty Falls State Park (south entrance)



Section 10 - Clifty Falls State Park to Spring Mill State Park



0.0 Exit Clifty Falls State Park North entrance (If you followed the section 9 route, you came into the park by the South entrance). Left at T onto IN 62

0.1 Left onto Black Road

0.9 Cross IN 62

1.3 Right onto Right onto Bordchering Road

2.3 Left at T onto 300N (unmarked) which becomes Deputy Pike

13.7 Cross IN 3

13.8 Gaffney's Grocery

14.6 Left at T onto 1500W, which becomes Quickcreek Road

16.9 Hardy Lake is on the left

17.2 Left onto Oard Spring Road

18.2 Left at T onto Whitsitt Road

18.7 Right onto Crothersville Road

24.4 Cross over I-65

25.4 Right at T onto Armstrong Street in Crothersville

25.5 On the right is Tanner's Market

25.5 Left onto Main Street - Food: There is a Subway just ahead on the left side of Armstrong Street

25.6 Food: To reach Lucille's Home Cookin' take a right onto Pennsylvania Street and a left onto Howard Street. It will be on your right.

29.1 Left onto 700E

30.1 Right onto 700S

32.4 Cross IN-39

41.1 Cross IN-135

42.6 Right at T onto 500W

44.2 On the left is a round bar

44.7 Left at T onto IN-235

46.0 Cross White River. On the right is the Medora Covered Bridge

47.2 The road becomes Washington Street in Medora

47.3 Food: Take a right on Perry Street to get to the Medora Kwik Stop or Perry Street Tavern Bar & Grill

47.4 Left on George Street, which becomes Sparksville Road outside Medora

49.1 Veer left onto 825W

51.9 Enter Sparksville

52.6 Left onto 625S

 55.2 Caution! - Sharply angled railroad tracks

55.5 Take a right and go under railroad tracks

55.6 Veer right onto Wildcat Street as you enter Fort Ritner. This will become Fort Ritner Road.

57.5 Left onto Tunnelton Road (unmarked)

58.3 Enter Tunnelton

58.4 On the left is the beautiful Guthrie Meadows Bed & Breakfast (I bet you didn't expect anything this fancy in Tunnelton!)

58.8 Caution! - The road is pretty rough as it turns right and goes under the railroad tracks

59.2 Cross White River

59.4 Right (unmarked)

66.2 Right at T onto IN-60

66.4 Right into Spring Mill State Park



Section 11 - Spring Mill State Park to Brown County State Park

0.0 Exit Spring Mill State Park

1.0 Right onto Spring Haven Road

1.5 Left at T onto Rager Road

2.9 Right at T onto Meridian Road

3.1 Left onto Grissom Avenue

3.7 Off to the left, down 6th Avenue,you can see the redstone rocket, which memorializes Gus Grissom. Gus was born in Mitchell, and was the second American astronaut into space. He also piloted the first Gemini mission, and was training for the first Apollo mission when he and two other astronauts were killed in a fire. Many believe he would have been the first man on the moon if not for this tragic accident.

3.7 Right onto 6th Street

3.8 Food: Left onto Main Street to reach the Railroad Cafe. It's less than a block away on the right

3.8 Right onto Main Street

3.9 Left onto Third Street

4.1 Right onto Warren Street

4.5 Left at T onto Meridian Road

5.0 Right onto Mill Creek Road

5.9 Left onto Ball Road

7.3 Right at T onto Hardman Road (unmarked)

7.8 Right onto Pumphouse Road (unmarked)

9.8 Left onto Buddha Bypass Road (unmarked)

10.0 Cross White River

10.3 Right onto Buddha Road

11.7 This intersection is the town of Buddha

15.1 Right at T onto Pinhook Road (unmarked)

15.8 Veer left onto Bud Stipp Road (unmarked)

16.2 Veer right, staying on Bud Stipp Road (unmarked)

20.1 Continue straight onto 100S

21.4 Right at T onto Middle Leesville Road and immediately cross a bridge

22.4 Left at T onto Leesville Road Food: There is a B&D Market just to your right in Leesville. They have pizza, fried chicken and they will make sandwiches.

24.5 Cross US 50

28.0 Right onto 325N

30.7 Left onto 975W

31.2 Straight, staying on 975W

33.3 Cross IN-58

34.3 Left onto Cleveland Road in Kurtz

36.1 Right onto 975W

40.5 Right onto 1000N

40.7 Right at T after bridge onto 1200W

44.6 Right at T onto 800W

44.8 Left onto 975N in Houston (It's pronounced "How-ston" not "You-ston")

46.8 Right at T onto 1100N

46.9 Left onto 650W

48.1 Caution! - Grated bridge

49.6 Continue straight onto IN-35

49.9 Left, staying on IN-135

53.8 Right, staying on IN-135 in Story

55.8 Left, staying on IN-135

56.9 Enter Brown County State Park through the Horsemen's Campground entrance



Section 12 - Brown County State Park to McCormick's Creek State Park

0.0 Exit Brown County State Park through the north gate, passing through the Ramp Creek Covered Bridge. This 1838 structure is one of only four double tunnel covered bridges in the United States. Go straight across IN-46 onto Old State Road 46. This become Main Street in Nashville, and Helmsburg Road west of town.

2.2 At the southwest corner of Main Street and Van Buren Street in Nashville is the Hobnob Corner Restaurant. The building dates to 1873. They are open seven days a week, but they only open for breakfast on weekends. In addition to their food, they have wines from around the world and right here in Indiana.

5.1 Caution! - Grated bridge

7.6 Left at T onto IN-45

10.3 Right onto Northshore Drive

10.4 Left to stay on Northshore Drive

12.3 Caution! - Grated bridge. You can see Lake Lemon off to the left.

17.6 Left onto Anderson Road

23.2 Left at T onto Old State Road 37

23.7 Right onto Sample Road

25.0 Cross IN-37

25.8 Left onto Simpson Chapel Road

26.1 Enter Modesto

26.9 Right onto Bottom Road

28.6 Left to stay on Bottom Road

30.3 Right at T onto Mt. Pleasant Road

32.1 Left at Split (unmarked)

33.4 Right at T onto Bottom Road

33.8 Left at T onto Bottom Road

34.6 Left at T onto Mt Tabor Road (unmarked) and immediately cross bridge

35.0 Right onto Tabor Hill Road

35.8 Enter Stinesville - Stay on the main road which winds through town

36.8 Right onto Mt. Carmel Road

37.0 Left to stay on Mt. Carmel Road (unmarked)

38.2 Straight onto Mt. Carmel Road - Intersection is slightly offset

39.0 Left at T onto Concord Road

40.2 Right onto IN-46

41.4 Right into McCormick's Creek State Park